Travis Browne Takes Another Step Towards Title Shot With Win

Published on August 17th, 2013 10:50 pm EST

Travis Browne defied the skeptics on Saturday night after he finished former Strikeforce Heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem via knockout.

The bookmakers had made Alistair Overeem the firm favorite heading into this fight, but Travis Browne didn't listen. Browne was able to endure a ferocious early attack from Overeem, eventually changing the course of the fight with his high kicks. Browne was able to land a front kick squarely on Overeem's chin, sending the behemoth to the canvas, and the fight was stopped a short while later.

Overeem can tantalizingly close to winning the fight in the early minutes, as he was able to destroy Browne's midsection with knees. Overeem got Browne to the canvas and was peppering the Hawaiian with punches, but Browne was able to tough it out. Overeem slowed considerably at this point, and the fight was over just about a minute later.


So where do Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem go from here?

For Overeem, he may find himself out of the UFC after this fight. If the UFC does decide to keep him around, Overeem will likely find himself fighting somebody like Mark Hunt. It's safe to say that Overeem is on very thin ice with the UFC, especially given the size of his contract.

Travis Browne, on the other hand? He may have earned himself a shot at the winner of Velasquez/dos Santos 3 with his impressive performance tonight. Fabricio Werdum will likely get the next shot at the Heavyweight title, but Browne, at the very least, has to be in the discussion at this point.

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