Anderson Silva Suffers a Health Scare While Training For Diaz Fight

Published on November 4th, 2014 5:19 pm EST

Scary news emerged on Tuesday after it was revealed that Anderson "The Spider" Silva had been hospitalized due to back pain.

According to reports, Anderson Silva collapsed following the conclusion of a training session in Brazil. Silva was writhing on the ground in agony and reportedly couldn't feel his legs. The former Middleweight champion was rushed to a local hospital where a battery of tests were performed.

The diagnosis? Lumbago, which is a fairly common back condition that afflicts millions of people across the globe per year.


According to reports, Silva's planned UFC 183 tilt against Nick Diaz is still a go, as lumbago is not a particularly serious condition.

Fight fans are extremely nervous about the state of the Silva/Diaz fight. After all, Nick Diaz has had some issues with the law since the fight was first announced. In addition, Silva is continuing to rehab from a broken leg and many fight fans are nervous that he will suffer some sort of a setback.

This latest news about Silva's back has made people nervous once again. What happens if the condition flares up? Will it impact Silva when he is in the Octagon?


With the Diaz/Silva fight still three months away, many people are wondering if the fight will actually take place or if it will end up being derailed.

So far, so good.

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