Andrei Arlovski Stakes Claim as Top 10 Heavyweight With Victory

Published on September 14th, 2014 5:14 pm EST

Hands up - who here predicted that Andrei Arlovski would win his first two fights back with the UFC? Keep your hands up if you predicted that Arlovski would also destroy Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in front of the Brazilian's hometown fans.

That's right - Andrei Arlovski, who was largely forgotten about after toiling in smaller promotions in recent years, is 2-0 since returning to the UFC. His victory over Brendan Schaub earlier in the year was disappointing and unimpressive, but you can't say the same about his decisive win over Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva last night. Arlovski caught Silva with a big punch in the first round of their tilt and finished off the big Brazilian a few moments later. The knockout will have a profound impact on the top of the Heavyweight division, as Silva was the #4 ranked fighter in the division heading into last night's fight while Arlovski was ranked #14.

Believe it or not, thanks to Arlovski's victory last night, the former UFC Heavyweight champion is almost certainly going to be a top #10 fighter in the Heavyweight division. This is an amazing turnaround for a fighter that many people thought was done long ago. How many people would have predicted this level of success for Arlovski in his second pass with the UFC?


Antonio Silva is also an interesting story as well. Silva was pinched for testing positive for elevated testosterone following his fight against Mark Hunt. What kind of impact did this have on Silva for his fight against Andrei Arlovski? What kind of impact will it have on Silva going forward? After all, Silva is 35 years of age and is battling acromegaly, which is otherwise known as gigantism. Silva has a legitimate medical reason to have testosterone replacement therapy but is now unable to receive the treatment. You would have to think that this will have a massive impact on Silva's career going forward, and it is hard to imagine that the former Heavyweight contender will be able to make another run to the top of the division.


So, with the throwing of just one punch, Andrei Arlovski is now relevant once again and Antonio Silva may be on the downwards slope of his career.

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