Goldberg, Ranallo Set To Hit Broadcasting Booth Together

Published on June 14th, 2017 3:20 pm EST

Earlier this week, Bellator brought joy to many mixed martial arts fans when they announced the signing of both Mike Goldberg and Mauro Ranallo to deals. According to reports, Goldberg and Ranallo will be calling the rest of Bellator's cards in 2017, including their big PPV card in New York later this month.

Mike Goldberg is considered by many to be the voice of MMA, which is why it surprised so many when he was let go by the UFC earlier this year. Goldberg may not be the most knowledgeable commentator when it comes to MMA, though he has many legendary calls under his belt and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Mauro Ranallo, on the other hand, is a favourite of many hardcore MMA fans and is seen as the perfect ying to Goldberg's yang, as Ranallo is polished and extremely knowledgeable about the sport. Ranallo had been with the WWE, though reportedly left after bullying by another broadcaster caused some of his mental illnesses to flare up.

Bellator MMA logo - Horizontal.

Bellator's signing of Goldberg and Ranallo gives them more of a "big league" feel in my opinion.

Bellator has been making strides in recent months, as they have managed to sign the likes of Rory MacDonald, Ryan Bader and Matt Mitrione to deals. With the signing of Goldberg and Ranallo, Bellator continues to show that they are committed to becoming a viable competitor to the UFC. Bellator has the backing of a multi-billion corporation behind them, so if anybody can keep the likes of Dana White up at night, it is Bellator.


Bellator's upcoming card in New York is already going to be must watch television, though the return of Mike Goldberg and Mauro Ranallo to the booth will provide a little something extra for fight fans.