Gray Maynard Beats Clay Guida in Boring Fight

Published on June 23rd, 2012 12:54 am EST

If I told you before the Gray Maynard / Clay Guida fight that one of the participants would be booed out of the building due to fighting with a boring style, what would you guess had happened?

Most people would guess that Maynard had used his wrestling to keep Guida on the mat for the entirety of the fight, but this is not what happened.

Clay Guida decided to fight using an "elusive" style (ok, he ran for most of the fight), which caused Maynard to become increasingly frustrated as the fight wore on.

The crowd turned on fan favorite Clay Guida during the fight - this is the same Clay Guida that has fought in some of the most entertaining fights in the history of the promotion.

In the end, Maynard did just enough to win a split decision, but neither fighter advanced themselves up the ranks of the lightweight division with their performances.

Let's look at the top of the lightweight division right now:

Frankie Edgar is fighting Ben Henderson later in the year for the lightweight title

Nate Diaz is coming off one of the most impressive performances of his career

Anthony Pettis is coming off of a destruction of Joe Lauzon and has been promised a title shot at least once in the past year

Thanks to numerous Lightweight title rematches, there is a logjam at the top of the division, and I'm not sure where Gray Maynard fits in.

Maynard said after his fight with Guida that he wants a shot at the title, but he is going to have to wait in a long line.

Edgar and Henderson could easily have a THIRD fight, especially if Edgar beats Henderson in a close decision.

Diaz and Pettis are pretty clearly setting up for a contender eliminator fight, and one of these two men will almost surely get the winner of the Edgar/Henderson fight or Edgar/Henderson trilogy fight.

Maynard is somewhere behind Diaz and Pettis on the Lightweight ladder, and will probably need a couple of impressive wins to actually get himself into the title picture.

What's next for Clay Guida? Guida went from a possible title shot to being firmly in Dana White's doghouse over the course of just one fight. A fight against somebody like Lauzon might be up next for Guida.

All in all, neither Guida or Maynard did much to improve their standing in the Lightweight division tonight.

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