Chael Sonnen Favored In Tito Ortiz's Last Fight

Published on January 17th, 2017 4:37 pm EST

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The main event of Bellator 170 this Saturday night will feature history, as one of the sport's biggest names and pioneers, Tito Ortiz, will be fighting his last fight.

His opponent? None other than Chael Sonnen, who will be appearing in Bellator for the first time since leaving the UFC. Ortiz and Sonnen have a bit of history together, which makes this fight all the more interesting. With the UFC not hosting another event until next weekend, the eyes of the mixed martial arts world will be fixed entirely on the Sonnen vs Ortiz fight.

Bellator event - Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen - January 21st, 2017 - Poster.

Tito Ortiz has already announced that Saturday will be his last fight, and what better way than to go out with a high profile tilt against Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen, who made a name for himself during his epic feud with Anderson "The Spider" Silva, has taken his talents to Bellator. As a result of Chael's gift of the gab, Saturday night's fight should do some pretty solid ratings for Bellator.


Let's take a look at the odds for this fight:

Chael Sonnen, 1.61
Tito Ortiz, 2.45

Chael Sonnen is a former Middleweight title contender who famously came within moments of defeating Anderson Silva. Tito Ortiz, on the other hand, is one of the most successful mixed martial artists of all time and helped to build the sport from the ground up.

The "X factor" in this fight will be Sonnen's rustiness. Sonnen, who is currently 39 years of age, last won in November of 2013. Can Sonnen overcome a three year plus absence from the sport at the age of 39? Sure, Ortiz is the same age, though he has remained active over the past few years. As BJ Penn proved this past weekend, overcoming a lengthy absence from the sport is very hard to do in your 30s.

Both Sonnen and Ortiz have a wrestling-centric game. You can expect the fight to largely remain standing given this fact, which leads to the question - who is the better striker?

The King is in the office reading the Washington Post and glaring to the side.

The biggest question heading into this fight will be the impact of Sonnen's three year+ layoff.

If we are handicapping this fight based on 2013 era Chael Sonnen, one would think that the "Bad Guy" would easily win this fight.

It is 2017, however, and Sonnen is not only dealing with a lengthy layoff, but he is also approaching the age of 40. Throw in the fact that he tested positive for multiple banned substances a few years ago and you have a massive question mark appearing over Chael's head heading into this fight.

It should be an interesting night.

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