"Korean Zombie" Will Begin Basic Training on October 20th

Published on October 13th, 2014 5:33 pm EST

Former Featherweight title contender Chan Sung Jung, aka "The Korean Zombie", recently announced that he will be taking a two year hiatus from the UFC in order to fulfill his mandatory military service with his birth nation of South Korea.

All adult male citizens in South Korea are required to serve their countries by volunteering two years of their time in the military. "The Korean Zombie", who is one of the UFC's most exciting and talented fighters, has decided that now is the time for him to fulfill his duty to his nation. Jung's decision was likely made easier by the fact that he recently re-injured his shoulder and was likely looking at a lengthy period of time away from the Octagon anyways.

Jung announced that he is set to report to basic training on October 20th.


"The Korean Zombie" has given fans some classic moments. Who can forget his wild battles against Leonard Garcia? Who can forget his highly entertaining fight against Dustin Poirier of May of 2012? Who can forget his valiant battle against Jose Aldo in August of 2013 when he suffered a separated shoulder?

Fans are surely going to miss Jung's highly entertaining style but the good news is that the "Korean Zombie" will be just 29 years of age when he returns to the Octagon in 2016. That will give Jung plenty of time to resume his career and he will be returning right in the middle of his prime fighting years. This will also give Jung a chance to get his shoulder healthy before returning to the shark infested waters that are the UFC's Featherweight division.


Let's take a look at the magic of the "Korean Zombie" and start counting down the days until he returns:

Source: MMA Fighting - Chan Sung Jung To Be Sidelined Two Years To Fulfill South Korean Military Service Requirement

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