Is Conor McGregor Preparing To Fight Floyd Mayweather?

Published on November 30th, 2016 11:54 pm EST

Earlier today, ESPN reported that UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor had been granted a boxing license in California. According to reports, McGregor will also seek a boxing license in other states as well.

This news obviously raised some eyebrows, as a potential megafight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has been rumored for a while now. In the aftermath of UFC 205, McGregor commented multiple times on a potential fight against Mayweather. In the combat sports world, Mayweather/McGregor is THE money fight, and there is no doubt that both men would stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars from such a fight.

The MMA King is relaxing on the sofa and contemplating Conor McGregor and his acquisition of the boxing licence in California.

There is also the possibility that McGregor could be using this move as a way to gain leverage over the UFC in any contract negotiations.

McGregor has said that he wants a piece of the equity in the UFC, and threatening to bolt so that he could fight Mayweather would certainly increase his leverage. According to some, McGregor and his team may attempt to use the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act in an attempt to get out of McGregor's contract with the UFC, and becoming a licensed boxer in California is the first step towards doing so.

There is no doubt that the UFC would fight extremely hard against such a move, as McGregor is their biggest star. Whether or not this is actually McGregor's intention is a different story altogether, but he has certainly increased his star enough to negotiate a lucrative deal to box Floyd Mayweather.


Floyd Mayweather would almost certainly soundly defeat Conor McGregor in a boxing match, but that doesn't matter - the fight would sell millions of PPVs, and selling PPVs is what both McGregor and Mayweather are all about.

Will this fight come together? Is this just a bargaining ploy by McGregor and his camp?

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