McGregor vs Aldo Likely To Take Place in May

Published on January 19th, 2015 7:21 pm EST

Conor McGregor had promised to finish off Dennis Siver within two minutes.

In the end, the fight ended up lasting into the second round but McGregor's win was still ultra-impressive, despite the fact that he wasn't able to finish Siver in the promised amount of time.

McGregor's win over Siver last night was arguably the most impressive of his career. Siver appeared like he didn't belong in the same cage as McGregor, despite the fact that Siver is known to be an exceptional striker. In the end, McGregor was too fluid, too calm and too precise for the German fighter.

The UFC flew current Featherweight champion Jose Aldo in for the fight, with the plan being to announce Aldo vs McGregor if McGregor was able to successfully topple Siver. Following his victory, McGregor leapt over the Octagon fence to confront Aldo. Aldo simply smiled at the challenger while McGregor attempted to get at him.

The original plan, at least according to McGregor, was to have the Aldo/McGregor fight in a soccer stadium in Ireland. Those plans have been changed, however, as the UFC wants to put this fight on PPV. So, according to UFC President Dana White, the McGregor/Aldo fight will likely be taking place in May in Las Vegas, barring an injury to either combatant. This makes perfect sense for all parties involved, as a McGregor vs Aldo PPV (like on the Memorial Day long weekend) will likely do big numbers. That is more money for McGregor (who will likely get some sort of a take of the PPV), more money for Aldo (champions automatically get PPV points) and more money for the UFC.


Following a disappointing 2014 in which many of its top stars were injured, the UFC is looking to post a rebound year, thanks, in large part, to names such as Jon "Bones" Jones and Conor McGregor, as well as the pending return of Anderson "The Spider" Silva.

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