McGregor Remains Angered Over Fine He Feels is Excessive

Published on October 14th, 2016 6:48 pm EST

When the NSAC held a hearing over the McGregor/Diaz melee at the pre-UFC 202 press conference, McGregor felt as though he should be proactive.

McGregor called into the meeting and was apologetic for his role in the energy drink throwing incident. According to McGregor, he felt as though his act of contrition would settle matters and he would escape with a small fine.

The NSAC, however, felt differently, imposing a $150,000 fine and giving McGregor hours of community service to complete before he can be licensed to fight once again in Nevada.

This angered McGregor considerably - enough so, in fact, that he has vowed to never again fight in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas needs me, McGregor contends - I don't need them.

The King is giving a press conference and the topic again is Conor McGregor who most recently vowed never to fight in Las Vegas again.

McGregor likely has a strong point here, especially with the UFC now allowed to host fights in New York.

In the past, all of the biggest fights would take place in Las Vegas, with a few exceptions. Now, with the ability to host shows in Madison Square Garden, the UFC could easily choose to have McGregor headline cards in New York. Their gates will be just as high as in Las Vegas, if not higher, and New York has a massive Irish population.

In the past, the UFC didn't really have a chance - it was Las Vegas or bust. Now, if McGregor feels as though he doesn't want to fight in Nevada anymore, the UFC will be able to easily work their way around it, as McGregor could fight in New York or a massive soccer stadium in Ireland. There are options.


It will be interesting if the NSAC backs down on this fine that many people have deemed to be excessive.

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