McGregor May Be Getting Instant Rematch Against Nate Diaz at UFC 200

Published on March 18th, 2016 6:28 pm EST

According to, the UFC is reportedly close to finalizing a rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. The fight, which serve as the main event of UFC 200 on July 9th, would reportedly be taking place at 170 pounds.

Earlier this month, Nate Diaz defeated Conor McGregor via RNC in the second round to win their fight at UFC 196. After the fight, McGregor revealed that he would like to fight Nate Diaz again in the future - nobody figured that he would be getting another shot at Diaz so quickly.


This piece of news, if it ends up becoming reality, will come as very unwelcome news to the likes of Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo, as both men were campaigning for a shot against McGregor at UFC 200. Frankie Edgar will be especially furious, as he has been actively campaigning for a shot against McGregor for many months now.

Some point out that it is unprecedented for a title holder to not defend his belt for two straight fights, while others point out that McGregor only won the Featherweight title three months ago.

Having said that, it seems to me that the possibility of McGregor returning to the Featherweight division dwindles considerably if he rematches Diaz at UFC 200. That would be two straight fights for McGregor at 170 pounds, and it seems unlikely that he would return to 145 pounds to defend his Featherweight belt. With a full camp coming up for the Diaz fight (if it happens), I would expect McGregor to attempt to add even more weight to his frame, which would make a return to Featherweight even more unlikely.


There has been a great deal of outrage of the report of a Diaz/McGregor rematch. That being said, the fight will undoubtedly do massive numbers, as McGregor is still a superstar and Diaz is a star in his own right after his win at UFC 196.


One thing is for sure - I wouldn't want to be anywhere near earshot of Frankie Edgar if this news turns out to be true.

Source: - McGregor vs Diaz Rematch in the Works for UFC 200

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