Cormier Promises That Jon Jones Fight Will Not Be Pushed Down Card

Published on March 26th, 2017 4:33 pm EST

After Jon "Bones" Jones was pulled from UFC 200, UFC President Dana White stated that he would never trust Jones to fight in a main event slot ever again. You could certainly understand the frustration from White at the time, as this was the second time that a Jones main event had been scrapped (the first was when Dan Henderson pulled out of UFC 151 and Jones refused to fight anybody else on short notice).

Months have passed since White made that statement. Jones has had his suspension reduced and will be eligible to return to action in July. The stakes are obviously large - if Cormier defeats Anthony Johnson next weekend, the promotion will finally get the long awaited Cormier/Jones II fight. If Anthony Johnson wins, they will get Johnson/Jones, which was another fight that was supposed to happen in the past (that fight was cancelled when Jones received his drunk driving charges).


Earlier this week, Daniel Cormier stated that there is no way that he will allow a rematch against Jon Jones to be pushed down a card.

In fact, Cormier said that the only way that Jones/Cormier II will be in the co-main event slot is if Conor McGregor is headlining the card.

The King is lying on the couch and discussing the Cormier vs. Jones potential rematch.

All of this is likely a moot point, as it seems extremely unlikely that Dana White would make such a big fight anything but the main event of a card. Cormier/Jones II would generate a significant amount of PPV interest - almost certainly north of 500,000 buys. With the UFC's new ownership group, there is virtually no way that they would allow Cormier/Jones II to be anything but the main event, regardless of what Dana White has said in the past.


Dana White has been known to say things out of anger, only to backtrack in the future. This is very likely to be one of those occasions as well, as Cormier/Jones II or Jones/Johnson would simply be too big not to feature as main events.

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