Dana White Reveals That Aldo Injury Cost Him Millions

Published on July 8th, 2015 8:15 pm EST

UFC President Dana White is currently making the rounds right now on a number of different media outlets in North America.

During an appearance on "The Rusillo Show" earlier today, White revealed that Featherweight champion Jose Aldo "probably" would have made "close to four million" dollars from his planned fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 189.

Unfortunately for Aldo, a rib injury (broken or bruised, depends on who you ask) forced him out of the card. In his place? Chad Mendes, who is now set for the highest profile fight of his career.


The UFC invested millions of dollars in building up the Aldo/McGregor fight. In addition to countless trailers and other promos, the UFC flew Aldo and McGregor around the world on a tour that saw them hit countries such as Ireland and Brazil. The hype for Aldo/McGregor was deafening, and both fighters were set to cash in.

UFC President Dana White was surely disappointed that Aldo had to pull himself from the fight, and he didn't do anything to hide his displeasure. It does appear, however, that the UFC was trying their best to convince Aldo to take the fight, as they revealed that the champion had simply suffered a "bruise" and would be pushing ahead with the fight. Aldo, however, consulted his own doctors and revealed that he had suffered a rib fracture and would not be taking the fight.


Conor McGregor has said that he would be making "three times" what Aldo was making from UFC 189. Does this mean that McGregor was on track for a $12 million payday? What kind of payout will McGregor end up with after UFC 189 is all said and done? Will Mendes be participating in the PPV points as well?

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