Nick Diaz in No Rush to Return to Octagon

Published on December 16th, 2013 10:16 pm EST

Is Nick Diaz retired, or is the mercurial UFC fighter just waiting for the right opportunity to return?

According to UFC President Dana White, the UFC tried to lure Nick Diaz back into the fold by offering him a fight against Carlos Condit. Nick Diaz and Condit had faced off previously, with Condit winning a decision victory that left Diaz and his camp enraged. The fight, which was for a shot at Georges St. Pierre's title, saw Carlos pick his spots and refuse to engage Diaz in a slugfest, and Condit eventually won by decision. In the end, both fighters ended up fighting St. Pierre anyways.

After falling to Georges St. Pierre earlier in the year, Diaz stated that he was retiring from the UFC. The general line of thinking was that Diaz, flush with cash from the St. Pierre fight, would take some time off from fighting before returning at a later date.


There have been several fights involving Diaz that have been mentioned as possibilities, but nothing has successfully enticed Nick back to the Octagon as of yet. The general line of thinking was that Diaz was jump at a chance to square off against Condit again, not only to seek revenge for his previous loss, but also to throw himself back into the title picture as well. A win over Condit would likely leave give Diaz another shot at the title, but he doesn't seem interested in fighting at this time.

There is no doubt that the UFC wants Diaz back in the fold, as he is an interesting character who draws eyeballs. However, Diaz seems content with sitting on the sidelines right now, and there is nothing that the UFC can do about that.

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