White Calls Fight a "Bad Idea"

Published on August 19th, 2013 4:43 pm EST

Prior to UFC on Fox Sports 1: Sonnen vs Shogun, there was some talk of a potential Lyoto Machida vs Nick Diaz fight.

That's right - Lyoto Machida, who currently fights in the Light Heavyweight division, was rumoured to be fighting Nick Diaz, who currently fights in the Welterweight division. Make sense?

In the post-event scrum following UFC on Fox Sports 1: Sonnen vs Shogun, UFC President Dana White was asked about the rumoured Diaz vs Machida fight. White said that the fight was a "bad idea" and was going to be scrapped.

Nick Diaz is currently "retired" but is apparently looking to return to the promotion to fight again. There have been rumours of possible opponents for Nick's return, but nothing has been finalized as of yet.

Lyoto Machida, who fights two weight classes above Diaz, has indicated in the past that he might want to drop down to 185 pounds. The idea was that Diaz would jump up to 185 and the two would fight, but that has now been nixed by Dana White.

In reality, a Machida fight would have been a stylistic nightmare for Diaz, as Machida likes to keep his distance and counter-strike, while Diaz enjoys getting into wild slugfests.


I would expect Diaz to remain at 170 pounds if and when he returns to the UFC. In my opinion, Matt Brown vs Nick Diaz would be a spectacular fight to make.

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