1.5 Million Buys Would Make UFC 196 Second Biggest Card Ever

Published on March 11th, 2016 5:17 pm EST

According to UFC President Dana White, UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz ended up doing a monstrous 1.5 million in PPV buys. As the UFC is a privately held company, the buy data is not a publicly available number, though the 1.5 million buy figure would certainly seem reasonable considering the amount of media coverage heading into the event.

If the 1.5 million PPV number proves to be true, that would make UFC 196 the second biggest UFC card in history in terms of PPV buys, behind only UFC 100: Mir vs Lesnar 2. That card, which ended up with a total of 1.6 million PPV buys, featured both Brock Lesnar (in a title fight against Frank Mir) and Georges St. Pierre (in a title fight against Thiago Alves), two of the biggest stars that the mixed martial arts world have ever seen.

Many people assumed that the promotion would never again see numbers that big after both Lesnar and GSP left the sport - that was, of course, until Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey came along. In many ways (certainly in terms of international media coverage, anyways), McGregor and Rousey are much bigger than Lesnar and GSP ever were.


UFC 200 was supposed to be the card that blew away all records. It will be interesting to see how McGregor's loss to Nate Diaz will end up impacting the numbers. In my opinion, it will take 2-3 consecutive losses for the bloom to really come off of the McGregor rose. He will almost certainly be appearing on the UFC 200, likely in a title fight against Jose Aldo.

In addition, UFC 200 could feature the return of Georges St. Pierre to the promotion, which would help to boost numbers considerably as well.


At one time, the UFC was almost certainly planning on featuring both Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor on the UFC 200 card. Rousey suffered a brutal loss and retreating to making movies for the time being, while McGregor will likely still appear on the card.

Can UFC 200 still be the all-time buy record that is currently held by UFC 100? Let's see what the UFC can pull out of their hat to make this event the biggest ever.

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