Belfort/Weidman Fight Will Depend on Whether Belfort Can Get License

Published on July 6th, 2014 3:08 pm EST

In the main event of UFC 175 last night, Chris Weidman held off a hard-charging Lyoto Machida to retain his Middleweight title. Weidman controlled the first part of the fight, but Machida mounted a furious comeback and very nearly took the Middleweight title.

In the aftermath of UFC 175, UFC President Dana White was asked about who Chris Weidman was likely to defend his title against next.

The answer? Vitor Belfort, provided that Belfort can receive a license to fight.

Belfort has had numerous issues with drug tests over his career and had previously been receiving exemptions to take testosterone replacement therapy. When the NAC announced that they would no longer be allowing UFC fighters to go on TRT, Vitor Belfort immediately announced that he would be pulling out of his planned fight against Chris Weidman. According to Belfort, he would be taking time to transition off of the treatment before returning to the UFC. Lyoto Machida stepped into Belfort's place and narrowly missed out on capturing the Middleweight title.

Shortly after pulling out of the fight, Belfort announced that he was ready to fight once again.

Soon after Chris Weidman defeated Machida last night, Belfort had this to say via Twitter:

"Now I want what I deserve, MY TITIE SHOT!!! Don't run away!! No excuses!! "

Dana White seems to agree with Belfort's sentiment and it appears as though the UFC will be trying to put together Belfort/Weidman next.

To be honest, there are not many other fights that really make sense for Chris Weidman right now. Provided that Belfort can pass all of his tests, it's likely that we'll see Belfort/Weidman next, likely in the fall of this year.

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