Edgar Forced To Turn Down UFC 196 Fight Offer Due To Injury

Published on February 25th, 2016 3:59 pm EST

Frankie Edgar missed out an another opportunity to fight Conor McGregor and he is none too pleased about it.

According to UFC President Dana White, Edgar and Jose Aldo were both offered the fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 196 after Lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos had to pull out due to an injury. Edgar, who has been publicly lobbying for a fight against McGregor for months, was unable to take the fight due to a torn groin. In the end, the fight ended up going to Nate Diaz.

Edgar was disappointed in not being able to take the fight. Much of his anger, however, was directed at Dana White, who had stated that Edgar had "refused" to take the fight due to an injury.

While this is technically true, Edgar says, the severity of his injury made it completely impossible for him to fight on such short notice. Any idea that Edgar was able to fight and decided not to, he says, is completely false. In addition, Edgar believes that he would have been passed over even if he had been healthy enough to take the fight.

Edgar says that he is now worried that the UFC will use this as a reason not to give him a title shot in the future. "The Answer" is concerned that Dana White will say "well, you had your opportunity and you said no" when the time to get another shot at Conor McGregor arises.


In reality, Frankie Edgar is looking very unlikely to EVER get a shot at Conor McGregor. Given the fact that McGregor is fighting Nate Diaz at 170 pounds, it seems highly unlikely that he will ever defend his Featherweight title. After all, McGregor was putting on size in anticipation for his title fight against dos Anjos, and losing that increased muscle mass will prove difficult. I think it is highly likely that McGregor will choose to stay at eight Lightweight or Welterweight going forward.

This leaves the smaller Edgar in a tough spot. After fighting his way up the Featherweight title ladder, Edgar will now likely have to jump to another division if he wants to get in line to fight McGregor. With a number of interesting fights for McGregor looming on the horizon (dos Anjos, Cerrone, maybe even Robbie Lawler at Welterweight), Edgar's place in line is looking increasingly suspect.

In addition, Frankie Edgar is a very strong wrestler and I doubt that the UFC is too eager to put him in against Conor McGregor.


In my opinion, Frankie Edgar has much less than a 50/50 chance of ever squaring off against Conor McGregor.

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