Fight To Take Place on May 16th in Manila

Published on February 13th, 2015 7:06 am EST

It's no secret that the Philippines is CRAZY about mixed martial arts and fighting in general.

Over the past couple of years, several UFC fighters (including Urijah Faber and Georges St. Pierre) have staged workouts in the Philippines. These events have consistently drawn thousands upon thousands of fight-crazy fans.

Many wondered why the UFC wasn't entering such a rabid market. Well, this all changes on May 16th when the UFC hosts its first ever event in the Philippines.

This card has a special fight to headline it, as Urijah Faber has agreed to take on Frankie Edgar at 145 pounds. Faber, who is currently in an interesting situation at Bantamweight due to the fact that TJ Dillashaw (his friend and training partner) is holding the belt, has decided (at least temporarily) to make the jump to the Featherweight division.

Frankie Edgar is kind of stuck at Featherweight as well right now due to the fact that Conor McGregor is set to take on Jose Aldo for the title in July. Edgar is clearly the #1 contender for the title (after McGregor, anyways) and would have likely had to have waited almost a year to get his second shot at the title. Instead, Edgar has decided to take a fight against Urijah Faber to keep himself busy.


Edgar/Faber will pit two of the most explosive and likeable lighter weight fighters against each other.

Urijah Faber became a fan favourite during his time with the WEC and consistently puts on great fights. Frankie Edgar, the former UFC Lightweight champion, never quits and is also usually involved in great tilts. Put Faber and Edgar together, the wisdom goes, and you will have a tremendous fight.

You can argue that Edgar has much more to lose than Faber in this fight. A loss for Edgar would likely cost him a shot at the title, while Faber is moving up to face Edgar, which means that he is really in a no-lose situation, as a loss for Faber will not cost him any standing in either the Featherweight or Bantamweight division.

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