Roach: Georges St. Pierre To See If He Is Ready To Fight

Published on November 5th, 2015 8:48 pm EST

Might we see Georges St. Pierre one last time in the Octagon after all?

According to Freddie Roach, Georges St. Pierre is going to be holding a six-week training camp in order to see if his body is ready to return to fighting. If, at the end of this training camp, GSP feels like he is ready and "hungry" to fight again, he may announce his return to the Octagon.

The last time that we saw GSP in the Octagon was when he defeated Johny Hendricks via split decision in 2013. After the fight, St. Pierre announced that he would be taking an extended leave of absence in order to deal with some "personal issues".

Many people speculated as to the issues that GSP could have been dealing with. In the end, however, it appears as though St. Pierre was simply unhappy with the state of drug testing in the UFC. Since St. Pierre last fought in the UFC, the organization has implemented a number of new drug testing rules. These changes have been quite significant, and they have St. Pierre dreaming of a return to the Octagon.


According to St. Pierre's teammate Rory MacDonald, the former Welterweight champion is not interested in fighting for the title. St. Pierre reportedly wants to fight one last time and has a "super fight" in mind. In the past, a "super fight" likely would have involved Anderson Silva, but the odds of that fight happening have decreased dramatically following Silva's positive test for steroids - it seems unlikely that GSP would agree to that fight.

Some have speculated that St. Pierre could square off against Johny Hendricks in his return fight to the UFC, should he choose to return. The two have some "unfinished business", so to speak, and Hendricks is currently out of the title picture following a recent failed weight cut. This fight, should it happen, would allow both men to exact some measure of revenge.


In the end, however, we shouldn't get too excited, as St. Pierre has yet to formally announce his return.

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