Odds Trending in Thompson's Direction

Published on February 27th, 2017 6:09 pm EST

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When the odds for the UFC 209 Welterweight title rematch between Stephen Thompson and Tyron Woodley first opened, oddsmakers essentially had the fight as a coin flip.

Both men came very close to winning when they squared off the first time at UFC 205 in late 2016, though in the end, Woodley was able to retain his title via a majority draw.

Despite Woodley asking for some big names for his next fight (Nick Diaz, Georges St. Pierre just to name a few), the UFC elected to make an immediate rematch between Thompson and Woodley. This is very good news for fans, as the first fight was fantastic.

The UFC 209 event poster - Woodley vs. Thompson 2 - Year 2017, March, 4th.

As mentioned, when the odds for Thompson/Woodley 2 were first released, Thompson was a very slight favourite to win.

As UFC 209 draws closer, however, gamblers are betting more on Thompson to win and the odds are starting to trend in his direction.

As of this moment, Thompson is listed as a -150 favourite to win, while Woodley is a +130 underdog. Sure, this is still a very close fight in the eyes of the oddsmakers, though Thompson is definitely the clear favourite to win now.

Most people believe that Thompson will be able to make the necessary adjustments to defeat Woodley this time around. While Woodley absolutely has the skill to stop Thompson, Thompson has proven to have a very strong chin and the ability to elude trouble.

The King is giving the OK for the upcoming MMA match between Woodley and Thompson.

There is a great deal on the line in this fight, as the winner will likely get a very big money fight, against either the returning Georges St. Pierre or Conor McGregor.

It will be interesting to see which fighter steps up to the occasion with so much pressure on the line. Many think that Woodley is going to fold against Thompson, while others believe that Woodley is just too powerful for Thompson.

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