Will GSP Come To Terms With The UFC?

Published on September 1st, 2016 11:41 pm EST

According to UFC President Dana White, former Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre doesn't really want to fight anymore and will not be returning to the UFC.

According to St. Pierre himself, this is not true and "GSP" is eagerly looking forward to his return to the Octagon.

For the past few years, St. Pierre has seemingly be on the verge of returning to the UFC. Things have been ratcheted up in recent months, however, as GSP has enrolled himself in the USADA drug testing program and has declared himself ready to return to the Octagon.

Dana White is not buying it, however, as he says that St. Pierre is not actually serious about returning.

The King is pondering about the curious case of a public spat between Georges St. Pierre and UFC (Dana White)

So what's going on here? Why wouldn't Dana White be welcoming GSP back to the UFC with open arms?

According to St. Pierre, the situation boils down to one thing - money. St. Pierre and his management team want to renegotiate the terms of his contract, as the sponsorship landscape has changed considerably since GSP's last fight in the Octagon. St. Pierre made a great deal of money from his sponsorship deals, and these are no longer allowed in the UFC, thanks to the promotion's deal with Reebok. St. Pierre believes that he should be compensated accordingly. In addition, St. Pierre and his management team surely see the money that Conor McGregor is getting and want a piece as well. After all, St. Pierre is still one of the promotion's biggest draws.

In addition, Dana White and the UFC likely weren't pleased with how St. Pierre left the UFC in 2013. Dana White had no problem throwing St. Pierre under the bus following GSP's close victory over Johny Hendricks, and it appears as though this animosity is continuing to this day. It seems odd that White would have such an acrimonious relationship with the man who helped build the UFC into what it is today, but this is where we stand.


A return for St. Pierre at UFC 206 in Toronto seems just too perfect. St. Pierre, for his part, has listed Tyron Woodley, Nick Diaz and Demian Maia as potential opponents for his return bout.

It will be interesting to see if the two sides can come to sort of a deal over the coming months.

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