Is GSP Returning To The Octagon?

Published on October 19th, 2014 6:32 pm EST

According to published reports, former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has been cleared by doctors to begin training.

Late last week, reports circulated that St. Pierre had met with UFC President Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta at an upscale restaurant in Montreal. Dana White played coy as to what transpired at the meeting but it now appears certain that the two sides were discussing St. Pierre's future in the UFC. White revealed that no decision has yet been made as to whether or not GSP will return to the Octagon, as St. Pierre will likely want to test out his knee in training to see if he feels up for a comeback.

St. Pierre dropped the Welterweight title last year following a controversial split decision win over Johny Hendricks. There was no official reason given as to why St. Pierre elected to drop his title, though the unofficial word was that he was burnt out following a very long title reign.

There was some thought at the time that St. Pierre was retiring and didn't plan on returning to the Octagon. This line of thought was looking to be prescient after it was revealed in March that St. Pierre had blown out his knee and would need to engage in another long rehab. Could St. Pierre, who had already been out of action for a long period of time earlier in his career due to a similar injury to his other knee, possibly return following such a devastating injury?

According to reports, St. Pierre's rehab has gone well and he is now about to test out his knee in training. If that goes well, it is assumed, St. Pierre will likely be making his way back to the Octagon sometime in the future. After all, it is tough to imagine that the UFC and St. Pierre would have met up in Montreal if the plan WASN'T for St. Pierre to return at some point.


St. Pierre and training partner Rory MacDonald have been both adamant in stating that they have no desire to face one another. This is an important point as MacDonald has been promised the next shot at the Welterweight title, while St. Pierre has been promised an immediate title shot once he returns to the UFC.

Given St. Pierre's long layoff, don't be surprised if the former Welterweight champion elects to take a "warm up" fight should he decide to return. This would allow the situation with Rory MacDonald and the Welterweight title to play itself out, while St. Pierre would likely relish the opportunity to participate in a fight where there wasn't a title on the line.

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