Former Welterweight Champion Calls Organization "Monopoly"

Published on January 15th, 2014 5:52 am EST

Well, UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Philippou certainly got quite a bit more interesting after former Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre spoke out against the promotion on Tuesday.

In a widely reported interview that was conducted on Tuesday, St. Pierre said that the UFC's refusal to back him in regards to tougher drug testing was one of the reasons why he dropped his title and walked away from the organization. If you'll remember, Georges St. Pierre wanted stricter testing for his fight against Johny Hendricks at UFC 168, but the agreement for each fighter to undergo enhanced testing fell apart. After the fact, Dana White said that the situation was "weird", inferring that he wasn't sure why St. Pierre was pressing the issue.

In the case of UFC 168, which was hosted in Las Vegas, the Nevada State Athletic Commission conducted all of the drug testing for the event.

The UFC's position has always been that the state commissions conduct stringent drug testing before and after fights. However, according to St. Pierre, the process is easily manipulated by fighters and teams who know what they are doing.

According to St. Pierre, the former champion pushed for stricter testing but was rebuffed in his attempts. St. Pierre has always maintained that he has always been 100% clean, and that his frustrations with the promotion's drug testing policies helped push him away from fighting.


In addition, St. Pierre also referred to the UFC as a "monopoly" that has fighters afraid to speak out about issues that matter. The commonly held theory is that fighters who speak out against the promotion are punished.


St. Pierre has maintained that his decision to leave the UFC may or may not be a temporary one, and that he may decide to return at a later date.

However, given the comments that he made on Tuesday, the likelihood of GSP returning to the Octagon dropped dramatically. The UFC typically does not take kindly to people speaking out against their promotion.

St. Pierre is an interesting case, however, as he is squeaky clean and has a massive following, especially in Canada. St. Pierre is very well respected, and his words carry an immense amount of weight.

The normal course of action from the UFC would be to have Dana White bluster and try to denigrate the person who is making the comments. However, this is Georges St. Pierre, and I'm guessing that their response will be much more polished. The UFC can not win a public relations fight against GSP, and they certainly know that.


The relationship between Georges St. Pierre and the UFC clearly deteriorated before and after the Johny Hendricks fight. St. Pierre strikes me as being a very principled man, and he was likely pushed far across the line before he decided to go public against the UFC.

Dana White will almost certainly comment on GSP at UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Philippou, which makes the event even more interesting to me.

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