St. Pierre To Go Under The Knife For Injury

Published on March 28th, 2014 10:44 am EST

Bad news for people who were hoping to see Georges St. Pierre make a quick return to the Octagon - GSP announced via his Twitter account that he has torn his left ACL and will soon be undergoing surgery.

The former Welterweight champion has been on an indefinite hiatus since beating Johny Hendricks via split decision at UFC 167. St. Pierre, citing some personal issues, announced after the bout that he has taking some time off and would be dropping the Welterweight title. Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler eventually fought for the interim title, with Hendricks winning via a close decision.

There was some hope that St. Pierre would be soon returning from his indefinite hiatus to challenge Hendricks for the title, but this obviously won't be the case after GSP tore his left ACL. Here is what the former champion had to say via his Twitter account:

"Tore my left ACL in training. Surgery in a few days. Rehab, pain, hard work, no shortcuts- I'll soon be back at 100%. Thanks for the support"


Georges St. Pierre tore his right ACL while he was still the Welterweight champion and his rehab and recovery ended up taking 18 months. There is no reason to think that his recovery from this injury will be any different.

St. Pierre continued to train following his "retirement", which led many people to believe that he was planning on eventually returning to the UFC.

The chances of St. Pierre making a return to the UFC have certainly taken a hit after this most recent development. Assuming that St. Pierre takes 18 months to recover, he would be 34 years of age if he chooses to return to the Octagon. Given St. Pierre's bank account and current animosity with the UFC, this seems unlikely but stranger things have happened.

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