UFC Officially Scraps Plans For Bisping/St. Pierre Fight

Published on June 29th, 2017 12:36 pm EST

Earlier this week, the UFC revealed that Tyron Woodley will be defending his Welterweight title against Demian Maia at UFC 214 in July. The fight will serve as the co-main event for the card that is headlined by Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier II.

Woodley had previously been hesitant to fight Maia, as he didn't think that the battle would attract much interest from fans. That was, of course, until the UFC dangled a very big carrot in front of Woodley - defeat Maia at UFC 214 and you will get to square off against Georges St. Pierre later in the year.

Woodley agreed to the fight but only on his terms. Those terms? The fight must take place at UFC 214, despite the fact that it is less than one month away. It's easy to see why - Woodley wants to defeat Maia in July to set up a fight against St. Pierre later in the year. According to reports, the UFC is looking to make GSP vs Maia/Woodley the main event of their next card at Madison Square Garden, which is set to take place in November.


Demian Maia will be no easy task for Woodley, however, as Maia is capable of stopping even the most dynamic fighters with his vaunted ground game. Woodley will use his power to try to finish off Maia early, though he would be wise to avoid having the fight to go to the ground. As Maia has demonstrated many times in the past, nobody is safe if he can take the fight to the ground.

The King is discussing the upcoming MMA fight featuring Woodley and Maia.  The winner gets to fight the returning GSP.

The UFC is obviously running a bit of a risk here, as a GSP/Maia fight has the potential to be catastrophically boring.

There is no denying Maia's status as the clear #1 contender in the division, however, which means that the UFC must make Woodley/Maia first to maintain the division's credibility.


UFC 214 now features three title fights - Jones vs Cormier II, Woodley vs Maia and Cyborg vs Evinger. This is going to be one of the most stacked cards in recent history - let's pray to the MMA gods that nobody gets injured between now and the end of July.