Controversy After UFC 208 Main Event

Published on February 13th, 2017 11:57 pm EST

In the main event of UFC 208 on Saturday night, Germaine de Randamie defeated Holly Holm to be named the UFC's first ever Women's Featherweight champion.

It is important to note that all three judges scored the fight 48-47 for de Randamie.

Not once but twice, de Randamie hit Holm with shots after the bell had sounded. In one instance, Holm was left rocked after a couple of late punches.

In normal circumstances, de Randamie likely would have been warned after the first instance and had a point deducted in the second. This is obviously important as the fight would have ended in a draw if de Randamie had had a point deducted for her two infractions.


Former Women's Bantamweight title holder Holly Holm was obviously upset about the outcome of the fight and has publicly accused de Randamie of intentionally hitting her after the bell.

In a statement earlier tonight, de Randamie said that she did not hit Holm after the bell intentionally. In addition, de Randamie offered Holm an immediate rematch.

The King is talking shop.  MMA.  UFC 208 had some contraversies.  How will things play out?

This is a nice gesture and all, but unfortunately for de Randamie, she isn't really in a position to be offering fights to anyone.

The UFC clearly wants "Cyborg" in the next title fight, as "Cyborg" is the star of the division. In fact, the entire division was made for "Cyborg".

This will likely leave Holm on the outside looking in, as the UFC will almost certainly make de Randamie vs "Cyborg" next.

This may leave Holm having to win her next fight to gain another shot at the title - if Holm wins, I could definitely see the UFC giving her the winner of "Cyborg"/de Randamie, especially given how thin the division currently is.

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