Gina Carano Will Very Likely Never Fight Again

Published on February 14th, 2015 8:00 pm EST

Earlier this week, Hollywood trade publications revealed that former Strikeforce fighter Gina Carano has agreed to star opposite of Ryan Reynolds in "Deadpool".

According to reports, Carano will start filming "Deadpool" as soon as filming wraps on another one of her projects, "Extraction", which will co-star Bruce Willis.

In short - don't expect Gina Carano to fight again anytime soon, if at all.


In 2014, UFC President Dana White stated that he was "close to a deal" to sign Carano to the UFC. The idea, according to reports, was to immediately put Carano into a title fight against Ronda Rousey. Given the high profiles of both women, the fight was seen as a "superfight" which likely would have garnered the UFC a tremendous amount of mainstream attention.

White, however, updated the situation a few months later and stated that Carano was "the hardest athlete that we've ever dealt with".

Now, with Carano having agreed to star in "Extraction" and "Deadpool", there seems to be virtually no chance that she will fight in the UFC or Bellator anytime soon. After all, let's consider the fact that Carano is now 32 years old and hasn't fought since August of 2009. Even if Carano agreed to fight this summer (which won't happen), she will have gone SIX YEARS between fights.


In the end, the thoughts of having a Rousey/Carano fight are likely gone forever. If the UFC wants to have a "superfight" in the Women's Bantamweight division now, they will likely have to settle on Rousey vs "Cyborg".

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