St. Pierre Moves One Step Closer to Return

Published on August 11th, 2016 2:26 am EST

Despite the protestations of UFC President Dana White, former Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has moved one step closer to a return to the Octagon.

Earlier this week, St. Pierre revealed that he has entered himself into the USADA drug testing process ahead of an anticipated return to the cage. Fighters have to make themselves available to USADA testing for a certain period of time if they plan on returning to the UFC, barring some sort of a special exemption (Brock Lesnar received this exemption ahead of UFC 200).

St. Pierre, however, has announced that he will not seek any exemption. St. Pierre was quite outspoken about drug use in the UFC prior to his decision to take some time off, so asking for a special exemption would raise eyebrows. Instead, GSP will be going through the USADA testing process just like anybody else.


Tyron Woodley has already called out St. Pierre for a fight, and St. Pierre has reportedly indicated his interest in fighting the Welterweight champion. According to Woodley, the two men have already texted each other, with St. Pierre stating that he wants Woodley in his first fight back.

The King is applauding at the news that Georges St. Pierre might be returning to the UFC

UFC President Dana White has repeatedly stated that St. Pierre won't be returning to the UFC. According to St. Pierre, the two sides have been in negotiations for months and Dana White is simply saying these things in order to drive St. Pierre's price down.

With new owners, however, the UFC will undoubtedly want one of their biggest draws to return to action. St. Pierre is still just 34 years of age, which means that he could conceivably have upwards of five years worth of fighting left in him. St. Pierre always keeps himself in top shape, so the idea of the former champion putting together another run in the UFC is certainly not out of the question.


Tyron Woodley wants to headline UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden against St. Pierre. Can the UFC and St. Pierre's team make this happen?

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