Mir Facing a Tough Match-Up in Alistair Overeem

Published on January 31st, 2014 9:18 pm EST

If you had to pick the worst possible match-up for Frank Mir at the top of the UFC's Heavyweight division, Alistair Overeem would probably be it.

After all, the game plan to beat Frank Mir seems to be pretty simple - push him up against the fence and demolish him in the clinch. Josh Barnett proved that the clinch was Mir's Kryptonite when he destroyed the former UFC Heavyweight champion using this method in 2013.

Overeem's clinch game is astonishingly good, and he is capable of turning Mir's lights out with just one punch. One well-placed Uberknee, or perhaps a guillotine choke when Mir tries to take Overeem down, and it's "Good Night Irene" for Mir.


So, how will Mir look to beat Overeem on Saturday night?

Well, Overeem has shown over his past few fights that he has an abysmal gas tank. In his most recent fight against Travis Browne, Overeem couldn't even keep his hands high enough to defend himself, and eventually fell victim to a well-placed kick from Browne. Now, Overeem has slimmed down a bit from his highs, but his gas tank should still be an issue.

The key for Mir in this fight? Survive past the first 2-3 minutes of the fight. It's nearly certain that Overeem is going to land some really big shots in the opening minutes of the fight, and Mir will have to try to minimize the damage. Once Overeem starts to slow (which he will), Mir will need to get the fight to the ground, where he has the clear advantage. If Mir can manage to take a tired Overeem to the ground, he should be able to lock in some sort of a submission.


Overeem is currently a -333 favourite to win on Saturday night. If Mir can survive past the first three minutes of the fight, his odds of winning increase dramatically.

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