Nate Diaz Turns In Subpar Performance After Missing Weight

Published on December 14th, 2014 3:22 pm EST

It is no secret that Nate Diaz is unhappy with his current deal with the UFC.

The former Lightweight contender feels as though he was "conned" by the UFC when he signed his current deal with the company. Diaz continued to voice his displeasure with the UFC as he turned down numerous fights during the first half of 2014.

Finally, after citing a need to make some money, Diaz agreed to a fight against Rafael dos Anjos at last night's UFC on Fox card. Diaz was battered and beaten over the course of the three round fight as Dos Anjos cruised to an easy decision victory.

According to UFC President Dana White, the company has a "laundry list" of issues with the fighter. White went on to say that Diaz needs to "get serious or retire".

In his post-fight press conference, White revealed that Diaz had been fined $10,000 for some unknown infraction. This is in addition to the fine that Diaz received for missing weight so badly (Diaz contends that an injury in camp kept him from making weight).

In addition to missing weight, Diaz also:

-missed a mandatory pre-fight open workout, saying that he "slept in"
-flashed middle fingers during his fight with Dos Anjos
-walked out of an interview with Fox
-posted an Instagram picture after the show in which he appeared to be smoking marijuana

It seems highly likely that Diaz is purposely trying to get cut by the UFC so that he can move over to Bellator. Bellator would surely take in the volatile fighter if he were to become available, and Diaz seems to be trying his best to make that happen.

Dana White, however, seems wise to this. Instead of threatening to cut Diaz, White said that Diaz should "get serious or retire". If you think I'm going to cut you so that you can go to Bellator, Dana White seems to be saying, think again.


In the end, Diaz's loss to Dos Anjos will push him well down the rankings and significantly damage his standing with the company. It will be interesting to see how this story ends up playing out.

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