Johny Hendricks Makes Weight on Second Attempt

Published on March 15th, 2014 4:49 pm EST

Disaster nearly struck for Johny Hendricks and his camp on Friday evening, as Hendricks very nearly missed making weight for his fight against "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler.

Hendricks is known for his big weight cuts, and he very nearly wasn't able to make weight on Friday evening. Hendricks weighed in at 171.5 pounds on his first attempt, 1.5 pounds over the title fight limit. Hendricks ended up making 170 pounds on his second attempt, much to the delight of Hendricks, his camp and the management of the UFC.

Hendricks and Lawler are battling for the vacant Welterweight title on Saturday night, which means that both men must weigh in at no more than 170 pounds. If Hendricks had not been able to make 170, the title fight would have been off. Who knows what would have happened at that point - Dana White and the UFC didn't even want to think of the possibility of their title fight being scrapped. Travis Lutter didn't make weight for his UFC 67 fight against Anderson "The Spider" Silva, and that fight was changed to a non-title bout. However, with the Welterweight title currently vacant, making Hendricks vs Lawler a non-title fight wouldn't have worked.


Anyways, it's always important to note when a fighter has trouble making weight, as this usually has a big impact on the fight. Will Hendricks be tired from his tough weight cut? How will it effect his power? What will happen to his gas tank if the fight goes into the championship rounds? These are all things to consider, especially given the fact that Lawler is a BIG underdog to win on Saturday night. One thing is for sure, the probability of a surprise Lawler win increased dramatically with Hendricks' tough weight cut. If you saw the weigh-ins yesterday, you'll know that Hendricks looked very dry and drawn out, while Lawler looked fantastic.


All of this weigh-in drama just adds another layer to tonight's bout between Lawler and Hendricks.

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