Johny Hendricks Blames Thin Hand Wraps on UFC 167 Loss

Published on November 22nd, 2013 4:31 pm EST

Thin hand wraps.

According to Welterweight fighter Johny Hendricks, thin hand wraps were the reason why he was unable to finish Georges St. Pierre at UFC 167.

According to Hendricks, he usually gets a "thick wrap" but didn't do so before his fight against St. Pierre. The thin hand wraps resulted in Hendricks hurting his hands early in the fight, and the thin hand wraps resulted in Hendricks, according to him, punching at just "70%" power.

Hendricks, who narrowly lost to St. Pierre in a very controversial decision, has promised that he will not lose against if the two fighters end up squaring off in a rematch. Hendricks has stated that he wants the fight to happen at UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas, but a more logical landing point for the fight, assuming it happens, is the big Memorial Day card in Las Vegas. Or, if either St. Pierre or Hendricks isn't ready to fight by then, the fight may also take place on the July 4th weekend card.

Hendricks also stated in a recent interview that his knee is fine. Hendricks was handed a six month medical suspension following UFC 167 due to his hurt knee.


Is Hendricks just making excuses? Many people were surprised that Hendricks couldn't knock out St. Pierre, despite the fact that Hendricks seemingly caught GSP with some very hard shots, especially in the second round of their fight.


One thing is for sure - there is a tremendous amount of anticipation for a St. Pierre/Hendricks rematch, which leads me to believe that the UFC will successfully get the fight signed over the coming weeks. In the end, there is just too much on the line for St. Pierre to walk away at this point, and I think that the UFC will be very persuasive in making the fight happen.

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