Junior dos Santos Wants To Fight Either Alistair Overeem or Stipe Miocic

Published on February 15th, 2014 5:04 pm EST

Junior dos Santos is looking for a fight.

If Dos Santos had his choice, he would prefer to fight Alistair Overeem in his next bout. After all, Dos Santos and Overeem have history and the two men legitimately don't like one another. Dos Santos was originally supposed to defend his title against Alistair Overeem in May of 2012, but Overeem ended up testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone and was unable to receive a license for the fight. Dos Santos and Overeem exchanged plenty of words but their fight never came together.

With Overeem coming off of an impressive victory over Frank Mir, people naturally thought that the time would be right for the Overeem/dos Santos fight. The UFC agreed and reportedly tried to put the fight together by offering both a five-round main event bout in Brazil, as well as a three-round co-main event fight in Las Vegas.

According to UFC President Dana White, Overeem is "hiding" from dos Santos and turned down the fight. Overeem disagreed with White's take on the situation and said that he was merely letting a rib injury heal.


Anyways, dos Santos has seemingly given up on fighting Overeem and has instead set his sights on another man - Stipe Miocic.

Miocic is currently on a two fight winning streak (Gonzaga, Nelson) and the UFC could certainly justify putting him in against dos Santos. Dana White was asked about the possibility of Miocic/dos Santos fight recently and said that he liked the fight, which means that it will probably get made.

As of Alistair Overeem, many people are clamoring for a rematch between him and Mark Hunt. My guess is that the UFC does dos Santos/Miocic and Overeem/Hunt next, with the winners of both fights squaring off for a possible title shot.

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