Bellator Receives Black Eye Following "Worst Fight in MMA History"

Published on February 20th, 2016 4:35 pm EST

Kimbo Slice and DADA 5000 put on one of the most cringe-worthy displays in mixed martial arts history on Friday night that ended in a rarely seen "exhaustion KO".

Kimbo Slice has been awful since entering the world of professional mixed martial arts. Slice, who gained his fame in the backyard fighting world, was proven to be extremely one-dimensional once he was put into the Octagon against actual MMA fighters. In addition to having nothing more than a sloppy striking game, Slice also proved that he has one of the worst gas tanks in the MMA world, frequently gassing out early in the first round.

DADA 5000, with his two MMA fights, proved to be even worse than Kimbo Slice. In his public workouts prior to his fight against Slice, DADA 5000 staged public workouts that were universally laughed at. The general consensus? DADA 5000 had absolutely no clue what he was doing.

With that set-up, nobody was expecting much heading into Friday night. Even with the lowest of expectations, Slice and DADA 5000 managed to underperform. Slice predictably gassed out by the end of the first round, despite having recently trained at a top MMA camp. DADA 5000 soon followed, and the two men spent much of the fight winging arm punches and desperately gasping for breath.

The end of the fight mercifully came during the third round when DADA 5000 stumbled to the canvas. DADA 5000 couldn't hold himself up any longer, as his body had given up and could no longer fend off exhaustion. Kimbo Slice wasn't much better, as he was bending over to catch his breath after DADA 5000 crumpled to the canvas. DADA 5000 was rushed to the hospital while Slice was left to celebrate his "victory".


Bellator surely secured some decent ratings for last night's event, but don't be surprised if many casual viewers were turned off after an immensely sloppy and boring fight between Slice and DADA 5000, two "legends" of the backyard fighting world.

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