Mark Hunt Finishes Derrick Lewis in the Fourth Round

Published on June 11th, 2017 3:40 pm EST

The rapid rise of Derrick Lewis in the UFC's Heavyweight division came to an abrupt end on Saturday night after he was stopped by Mark Hunt in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Lewis.

Lewis, who is just 32 years of age, revealed after the 4th round stoppage that he was retiring due to a back injury.

This news shocked many people, as Lewis was seen as likely being one or maybe two wins away from a shot at the title, and just like that he is gone.

The King is holding a press conference.  Visibly confused.Mark Hunt, on the other hand, has called for a fight with a top 5 ranked Heavyweight.


Derrick Lewis started out quickly on Saturday night, as he clearly won the first round.

Hunt, however, was picking his shots carefully and eventually Lewis started to gas out. Hunt, energized by the partisan Auckland crowd, continued to increase the pressure as the fight went on.

By the time that the end of the third round came around, Lewis was practically out on his feet, as he clearly had nothing left in the gas tank.

The end came a short time later, as Hunt crushed Lewis in the fourth round before the ref mercifully put an end to things.


In the post-fight interviews, Lewis revealed that he has been battling a back injury since 2011 and would be retiring from the UFC.

This was an amazingly fast change in the Derrick Lewis story, as he was seen as having a fast track towards a title shot. With Lewis' retirement, the UFC Heavyweight division is suddenly looking very devoid of promising new talent once again.

As for Mark Hunt, a fight against Francis Ngannou would seem to make a great deal of sense. Ngannou is ranked #5 in the Heavyweight division and Mark Hunt would be a true test for the quickly rising Heavyweight. Aside from Ngannou, the only fight that really seems to make sense for Hunt would be a scrap against Cain Velasquez, though Velasquez has injury issues that make his return to the promotion a big question mark.


If somebody had told you prior to this week that the loser of Mark Hunt v Derrick Lewis would retire, you surely would have thought that Mark Hunt had lost and retired in front of his adoring Auckland fans.

Instead, it is Derrick Lewis that retired, which means that we'll no longer be able to enjoy the "Black Beast" and all of his hilarious post-fight interviews and exciting fights.