New Middleweight Champion Doesn't Want Weidman or Rockhold Fights

Published on June 14th, 2016 1:49 pm EST

Michael "The Count" Bisping is certainly relishing his title as the UFC's Middleweight champion.

Bisping continued his victory lap earlier this week when he made a number of different media appearances.

One of the most frequent questions asked of the new champion - who do you want next?

People who were in favour of a Rockhold rematch or Weidman fight at MSG will likely be disappointed by Bisping's comments. Instead of Rockhold or Weidman, Bisping has his eye set on a couple of potential "big money" fights.

The possibility that seems to be at the top of Bisping's list is a rematch against Dan Henderson. Henderson, who is coming off of a win against Hector Lombard, has indicated his interest in a fight against Bisping. Bisping, on the other hand, sorely wants to avenge his catastrophic UFC 100 loss against Henderson.

Another possibility? How about a mega-fight between Bisping and a returning Georges St. Pierre? That fight would likely be considerably tougher for Bisping, though he would stand to make an absolute boatload of money, thanks to his PPV points. St. Pierre, who is apparently training to return to the UFC, hasn't indicated which division he may be interested in returning to as of yet. If GSP doesn't want to cut as much weight, Middleweight may be an option.


In the end, Bisping is going to enjoy his title for at least a few months before electing to return to the Octagon. Regardless of who ends up signing to face Bisping, the UFC is set to have a big money fight.

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