Michael Bisping Faces Long Climb After Decisive Loss to Rockhold

Published on November 8th, 2014 4:20 pm EST

Heading into the main event of last night's UFC Fight Night event in Australia, Michael "The Count" Bisping was the #9 ranked fighter in the Middleweight division.

Bisping was able to get a fight against the #5 ranked fighter in the division, Luke Rockhold, thanks to his gift of the gab. Bisping is extremely popular in Europe and Australia and an extremely effective trash-talker, which is why Rockhold didn't hesitate to take the fight despite the fact that he really had nothing to gain with a win.

Despite his red-hot hatred for Rockhold, Bisping was not able to get anything going and ended up losing in the second round via submission.

After the fight, Bisping vowed to fight on - retirement is simply not something that he is contemplating at this time. The UFC will surely be happy to hear that, as Bisping continues to be a big draw for the company - in terms of potential title shots, however, that ship has likely sailed for the "Count".

After all, Bisping is 35 years old and has fought over 20 times in the UFC. Sure, Bisping has the potential to be a top 10 fighter in the Middleweight division, though thinking that he can make a run at Chris Weidman's title seems very far-fetched at this point.

Heart-breaking for Bisping and his fans is the fact that he was just a single win away from receiving shots at the Middleweight title on two different occasions. In January of 2012, Bisping very narrowly lost to Chael Sonnen and missed out on a shot at Anderson "The Spider" Silva. In fact, many people felt that Bisping won that fight.

At UFC 100, Bisping was knocked out by Dan Henderson in the second round of their fight. Again, a title shot was on the line in that fight as well, and Bisping was unable to capitalize.


Michael Bisping has given fans many entertaining moments over the course of his career. At this point, however, the odds of seeing Bisping fight for the title seem very long.

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