Bisping Grinds Out Unanimous Decision Victory Following Scares in First Two Rounds

Published on October 9th, 2016 2:13 am EST

Michael Bisping successfully defended his Middleweight title for the first time earlier tonight after defeating Dan Henderson via unanimous decision.

Following the fight, Henderson did as expected and announced his retirement from active fighting. It was the perfect way for "Hendo" to go out, as he put on a thrilling performance and left Bisping a bloodied and battered mess.


Bisping entered this fight as the clear favorite to win, though he just barely managed to leave Manchester with his title. The decision was somewhat controversial, as many people felt as though Henderson won the fight.

What is not in doubt is that Henderson won the first two rounds (he landed an "H-Bomb" in both rounds that very nearly won the fight) and that Bisping won the next two rounds as his superior cardio showed itself. The two big questions marks: did Henderson earn a 10-8 in the first round, and did Henderson actually win the fifth round? That is up for debate, though the bottom line is that Bisping left UFC 204 as the champion.

The King is sitting on the couch with a laptop scratching his head after watching Michael Bisping controversially beat Dan Henderson in the title fight

So what is next for Bisping and Henderson?

For Henderson, the answer is easy - retirement. Henderson is 46 years old and has earned his retirement from the fight game. Henderson has multiple businesses on the go that relate to mixed martial arts, so I'm sure that he will be plenty busy enough running those.

Bisping, on the other hand, needs to heal up and wait for the Middleweight division to shake itself out a little bit, as Luke Rockhold/Jacare Souza and Chris Weidman/Yoel Romero are set to take place over the next few months.

You can safely assume that the UFC would like to have either Chris Weidman or Luke Rockhold fight for the title next, so if either of these two men earns a clear victory in their respective fights, you can likely pencil them in for the next shot at Michael Bisping.

The big question - would Bisping stand a chance against any of those four men that were just listed?

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