UFC 207 To Be Mike Goldberg's Last Event With Promotion

Published on December 30th, 2016 2:14 pm EST

There is yet another reason why tonight's UFC 207 card in Las Vegas will be notable, as UFC President Dana White revealed that it will be Mike Goldberg's last card with the company.

Goldberg has been with the company for nearly 20 years, as he began working with the promotion since 1997.

Unless you are a hardcore fan who has been watching the UFC since the very beginning, Mike Goldberg is surely the voice that you associate with the promotion. Goldberg, known for catchphrases such as "IT IS ALL OVER!", tends to call the numbered PPV events and "Big Fox" cards, while others such as Jon Anik handle the cards on FS1.

The tandem of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg have been operating together for years, and it will definitely be a bit different not to hear Goldberg calling the fights anymore.

The King is giving farewell to legendary UFC commentator - Mike Goldberg.

There has been no official reason as to why Goldberg is leaving the promotion, though it appears as though the decision is the UFC's.

Dana White has said that he has somebody in mind to fill Goldberg's position, and that we might see this new person in the booth in July of 2017. There are rumors that this person is radio host Jim Rome, though nothing has been announced as of yet. Dana White's assertion that he wants a "dream team" would lead a person to believe that he wants a very big name calling the fights.

There is also always the possibility that this was another cost-cutting measure by the UFC, though it seems more likely that they want to replace Goldberg, as Goldberg's play-by-play commentating abilities have been panned by many. Those who like Goldberg point to his enthusiasm and plentiful use of catch phrases, while his detractors point out that he makes too many mistakes and often seems unprepared.


It appears as though Goldberg will be trying to find a new job within the industry, as he has recently followed the Twitter accounts of Bellator and others.

Joe Rogan has a contract that runs through 2017, though we will be seeing less of him as well as he is reportedly planning on sticking to numbered PPV events that take place within North America.

After Goldberg leaves, don't be surprised to see Jon Anik filling in until Dana White reveals Goldberg's permanent replacement.

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