Nate Diaz Likely Willing to Remain on Sidelines Until He Gets Conor McGregor Fight

Published on February 5th, 2017 2:22 am EST

Nate Diaz posted this to his Twitter account yesterday:

"Lol at your fight..."

According to reports, the UFC offered Diaz the chance to fight Eddie Alvarez. Diaz, for his part, was clearly not pleased with the offer.

Diaz seems more than willing to just remain on the sidelines until he gets his rubber match against Conor McGregor. Can you really blame Diaz? He stands to make millions of dollars (likely $10 million plus) from a third McGregor fight, while any other fight would likely pay out the standard rate.

If Diaz takes fights in order to stay "busy", what happens if he goes on a long losing streak or even worse, suffers a serious injury? If that happened, the possibility of a third McGregor fight might fly out the window.


McGregor/Diaz III will do many, many PPV buys, which means that it is a near certainty that the UFC will put on the fight in the future. McGregor wants the fight, Diaz wants the fight and the UFC likes money, so it is virtually certain to happen.

Why would Diaz, who is clearly in the waning days of his career, risk one last big payday to fight somebody like Eddie Alvarez?

The King is sitting in his office, making a point.  His index finger is pointing up.  Camera and microphone are on.

I think that Diaz is more than willing to sit on the sidelines for years while he waits for the McGregor fight, which will surely happen at some point.

If you were Diaz, would you risk this payday in order to stay busy, especially when you made so much money in your last fight? Diaz is a multi-millionaire now and certainly doesn't need money to pay his bills.

Like his older brother, Nate seems more than willing to wait until he gets the fight that he wants. In short, don't expect to see Diaz in the Octagon anytime soon, unless it is across from Conor McGregor.

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