Nick Diaz's Career May Be Over Following Lengthy Suspension

Published on September 14th, 2015 9:40 pm EST

Earlier today, the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) handed out a five year suspension to UFC Welterweight fighter Nick Diaz after he tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 183.

In addition to the suspension, the NAC also elected to fine Diaz 30% of his $500,000 fight purse.

As a result of this suspension, Diaz, who is currently 32 years of age, may very well be done as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. It is hard to imagine how a 37 year old Diaz would be able to return to fighting following a nearly six year absence from the sport. In short, if you were a fan of Diaz's antics and entertaining fighting style, you will likely have to go back to your videotape collection in order to get your fix.


In handing out the five year suspension, the NAC noted that Diaz has a history of failed drug tests. In addition, Commissioner Pat Lundvall and Diaz's lawyer, Lucas Middlebrook, got into a heated exchange after Diaz refused to testify. Lundvall recommended that Diaz be permanently banned, though the rest of the panel elected to hand out a five year suspension and a fine instead.


Condemnation of Nick's lengthy suspension spread quickly across the Twitter accounts of many professional mixed martial artists. The general point? Suspending Nick for taking a drug that is quickly being decriminalized across the United States, as well as a drug that he has a medical prescription for, is unbelievably unfair. In addition, these same mixed martial artists point out that the suspensions for taking performance enhancing drugs, including steroids, have been much less severe.

In recent months, the NAC has significantly increased the harshness of their drug-related suspensions, and Nick Diaz has been one of the first unfortunate recipients of this punishment.


The UFC has said that they will honor the suspensions of any commission, regardless of the jurisdiction. So, Diaz, for instance, will not simply be able to go to another state or country to fight, as the UFC will honor the five year suspension handed out by the NAC, should it be upheld.

Diaz has been talking about retirement for a while now (he famously retired after his loss to Georges St. Pierre, only to come back to fight Anderson Silva), and it appears as though the NAC has cemented those plans. It is hard to imagine how Nick Diaz will ever fight again as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

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