Nurmagomedov Offers To Pay Ferguson $200,000

Published on January 3rd, 2017 11:38 am EST

The highly anticipated fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, which is rumored for UFC 209, still hasn't been officially signed as of yet.

The hang-up? According to UFC President Dana White, Tony Ferguson wants the same money that Khabib Nurmagomedov is getting for the fight, and White says "that ain't happening". In a media scrum prior to UFC 207, White said that the fighters had to honor their deals and not ask for more money every time their star rises.

With the contract impasse between Ferguson and the UFC, the promotion tried to set up an interim Lightweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Nurmagomedov. According to reports, Nurmagomedov turned down the fight and instead wants to square off against Ferguson.

In an attempt to speed up the negotiations, Khabib has offered to pay Ferguson $200,000 extra on his purse if Tony agrees to the fight. Here is what Khabib said on Twitter:

"Hey @TonyFergusonXT if the @ufc don't want to pay you I'll pay you 200k extra on your purse let's make this fight now you have no excuse"

The MMA King is sitting in his TV studio - Looking into the camera. Talking shop.
This has created a fairly interesting situation, as Ferguson is potentially risking a massive payday against Conor McGregor to get more money for the Nurmagomedov fight. As an interim champion, Ferguson would likely be eligible for PPV points, and McGregor is the biggest draw in the game right now, by far.

Dana White has said that he isn't interested in renegotiating Ferguson's deal, so it sounds as though both sounds are digging in their heels. Nurmagomedov, for his part, is aiding Ferguson's fight, as Khabib has said he will not take any other fights until he gets Ferguson.

At the end of the day, fans can only hope that the two sides work out the contract issue, as Khabib vs Tony is a spectacular fight that needs to be made.

With the winner of Khabib vs Tony likely getting Conor McGregor next, this is a high stakes game of chicken. The problem for Ferguson? The UFC and its new cost conscious owners aren't likely to set any precedents by renegotiating Ferguson's contract.

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