St. Pierre and Hendricks Appears To Be Moving Forward

Published on November 20th, 2013 8:31 pm EST

Shortly after Chris Weidman managed to topple Anderson "The Spider" Silva earlier in the year, the former champion claimed that he had no interest in a rematch against Weidman.

However, a few days went by, and suddenly the UFC announced that Weidman would be defending his title against Silva at UFC 168. Silva went from being extremely uninterested in a Weidman rematch to declaring "I'm back, trust me" in a matter of days.

Shortly after narrowly retaining his title against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, GSP declared that he was taking some time off and would be hanging up the gloves "for a little bit". St. Pierre claimed that he had some personal issues that he was dealing with, and that he needed some time away from the Octagon.

Over the last few days, numerous rumours have been making the rounds regarding St. Pierre's "problems". A rumour that his Dad was dying was quickly debunked. A rumour that GSP was dealing with an unwanted pregnancy was also making the rounds. In addition, word has come out over the past couple of days that St. Pierre was sued by his former manager over money.

Some also offered that St. Pierre was simply too rich to keep getting hit in the head, and that he was looking to take some time off to deal with some lingering health issues.


Whatever the "issue" was seems to be already behind St. Pierre, as plans for a St. Pierre/Hendricks rematch are apparently moving forward, with UFC President Dana White promising that a date for St. Pierre/Hendricks 2 will be announced "soon". The rumour is that the UFC is eyeing the big Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas for the rematch.

Earlier today, GSP seemed to be past any issues that he might have had, as he posted on Twitter that people should "forget all the rumours", and that he was "on vacation, happy and well".


In the end, Dana White can be very persuasive when it comes to putting on the fights that fans want to see, and I have no doubt that he'll be able to put together St. Pierre/Hendricks 2. The card will almost certainly bring one of the biggest paydays of St. Pierre's career, and I have a hard time imagining GSP turning down the challenge or the pay check.

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