Barao's Team Clamors For Rematch

Published on May 26th, 2014 2:45 pm EST

TJ Dillashaw pulled off one of the most shocking upsets in the history of the UFC when he throttled Renan Barao to win the Bantamweight title. As mentioned on this site earlier this week, Barao was likely ahead for roughly 20 seconds of the 4 1/2 round fight.

In short - Dillashaw totally dominated and left absolutely no doubt as to who the better fighter was.


Renan Barao and his team, of course, are clamoring for an immediate rematch.

In fact, Barao and his team are calling out Dillashaw by stating that if he were a "man", he would agree to fight Barao in Brazil.

UFC President Dana White has not ruled out the possibility of an immediate rematch but agreed that there are some other very interesting potential fights (Assuncao, Dominick Cruz) for Dillashaw's first title defense. These comments from White were surprising given the thrashing that Dillashaw gave to Barao - the UFC usually only gives immediate rematches if there was some sort of controversial finish or if the fight was very close.

I would guess that White is entertaining the idea of an immediate rematch because of the level of hyping that he did for Renan Barao before UFC 173. After all, White had declared that Barao was the world's top pound-for-pound fighter, so he is likely hoping that a rematch would prove that the first result was a fluke and that Barao is, in fact, still one of the world's top fighters.

In reality, Barao should be forced to move back up the Bantamweight title ladder. After all, he was destroyed against Dillashaw and there is absolutely nothing that warrants an immediate rematch for the former Champion. Giving Barao an immediate rematch, especially in Brazil, seems ridiculous to me.


In the end, I suspect that the UFC will go with either Assuncao or Dominick Cruz for Dillashaw's first title defense. Assuming that Cruz is healthy, and assuming that he doesn't want to take a "tune-up" fight first, the UFC's biggest fight at Bantamweight is Cruz vs Dillashaw, especially given the fact that Dillashaw is a "Team Alpha Male" fighter.

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