Main Event for UFC 205 Will Likely Be Ronda Rousey vs Bantamweight Champion

Published on April 28th, 2016 10:19 pm EST

A few weeks ago, Conor McGregor was a lock to headline both UFC 200 in Las Vegas and UFC 2015 in New York.

After all, if the UFC was going to put on two of the biggest events in the history of their promotion, wouldn't they want to put their biggest star on both cards?

Things have changed quickly, however, and McGregor is now likely not going to fight on either card.

McGregor and the UFC has had a falling out over McGregor's promotional duties over the past few weeks. McGregor asked to skip the UFC 200 press conference in Las Vegas and the UFC flatly said no. McGregor elected not to travel from Iceland for the press conference, which resulted in the UFC pulling him from the card.

The UFC seems to be taking a hard line on McGregor by not offering him a spot on the UFC 205 card. UFC President Dana White has mentioned numerous numbered cards that McGregor could still headline, and UFC 205 was noticeably absent.

The UFC is looking to make a point with McGregor, that no one fighter is bigger than the UFC and that each and every fighter must do "reasonable promotion" for a card. McGregor, on the other hand, is arguing that his promotional work goes far beyond what anybody else has to do, and that he should have been given a pass for his upcoming fight against Nate Diaz.

The MMA King discusses the latest news from the sport.  The main topic again is Conor McGregor and the UFC dispute

The UFC and Conor McGregor are both going to miss out on large paydays due to their ongoing dispute.

For the UFC, the door to McGregor is open, provided that he is willing to do "reasonable promotion", and provided that he doesn't insist on fighting at UFC 200 or UFC 205.

For McGregor, the Irish superstar now needs to figure out how to return to the UFC without looking like he is backing down in the dispute.

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