Champion Michael Bisping Says That He Needs Time To Recover From Injuries

Published on May 21st, 2017 12:35 pm EST

In the world of mixed martial arts, champions hold a tremendous amount of leverage.

Case in point - Middleweight champion Michael Bisping. Bisping has long stated that he wants one big payday before he retires, and that payday is going to come in the form of a fight against Georges St. Pierre.

The two men were originally supposed to fight in July (that was the UFC's plan), though St. Pierre revealed that he wouldn't be ready until November. UFC President Dana White was not happy with this announcement and stated that the Bisping/St. Pierre fight was off, and that Bisping would be defending his title against Yoel Romero.

<br The King is on his cellphone, receiving the latest news from the world of MMA. Has something to say.'>Hold up though - Bisping is the champion, and he put a knife into those plans when he said that he was recovering from injuries and wouldn't be ready to fight until later in the year. Bisping wants that fight against St. Pierre and he is going to exercise his rights as a champion to do so.

So, the Romero/Bisping fight seems to be off, which means that the UFC is now looking to book an interim title fight between Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker. Whittaker says that a fight announcement is coming soon, and most people assume that his opponent will be Yoel Romero.

Both Romero and Whittaker are tremendous fighters and fans will get a real treat if this fight ends up happening.


The winner of Romero/Whittaker, if this fight is put together, will likely have to wait a very long time to get their shot at unifying the title.

After all, both Bisping and GSP seem intent on fighting each other, which means that the winner of Romero/Whittaker likely wouldn't get a shot at the title until the spring or summer of 2018.


Fans of the proposed Bisping/St. Pierre fight should rejoice, as it appears as though the two men have enough leverage to make the fight happen, despite the protestations of the UFC. In the end, money talks, and there is too much money to be made from a Bisping/St. Pierre fight for it not to happen.

If something does happen with that fight, you can expect St. Pierre to drop to 170 pounds to fight for the Welterweight title once again.