Can Legend Beat Rising Star of Welterweight Division?

Published on June 8th, 2012 1:56 pm EST

About a week ago, Welterweight phenom Rory MacDonald issued a challenge to the "retired" BJ Penn, and the Hawaiian legend accepted.

As a result, UFC 152 (set to take place in Toronto), has its likely main event - Canadian Rory MacDonald vs BJ Penn.

There was some doubt that BJ Penn would return to the Octagon after he lost to Nick Diaz in 2011. Diaz put it to Penn, especially in the second and third rounds, which led Penn to openly contemplate retirement.

There were rumors of a possible Koscheck/Penn fight earlier in the year, but BJ said that he wouldn't be fighting Koscheck.

Rory MacDonald, though, had the secret formula to lure Penn out of "retirement", and the two will now been fighting at UFC 152 (at least that's the plan as of now).

Rory MacDonald is a beast and will very likely be fighting for the Welterweight title in the future. His only loss came to Carlos Condit, and he was very, very close to winning that fight. MacDonald has had some impressive victories over the likes of Nate Diaz, Che Mills and Mike Pyle.

BJ Penn, on the other hand, is likely close to finishing out his career. There is a GSP connection with MacDonald, as MacDonald trains with GSP. Penn feels as though he has unfinished business with GSP, which is likely a big reason why Penn took this fight.

Penn reportedly has one more fight left on his contract, so don't be surprised if Penn officially retires after this fight. Having said that, it would be hard to imagine Penn retiring if he is able to beat MacDonald.

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