Silva/Weidman 2 To Be Main Event of UFC 168

Published on July 14th, 2013 11:41 am EST

UFC 100 was the biggest PPV in the history of the UFC, drawing a mammoth 1,600,000 buys.

It's easy to see why the event did so well, as two of the biggest draws in the history of the UFC participated on the card, as Brock Lesnar fought against Frank Mir in the main event, while Georges St. Pierre took on Thiago Alves in the co-main event.

There were many people who thought that the UFC 100 buyrate would never be topped, mainly due to the fact that Brock Lesnar, who was a monster draw, has since retired from the promotion.

Well, the 1.6 million PPV buyrate number may be in danger of falling, as the UFC has announced that Anderson Silva will be taking on Chris Weidman in the main event of UFC 168 in December.

There was some talk that Silva/Weidman 2 would be taking place on this card, and that the originally scheduled main event, Rousey/Tate 2, would be pushed to another card.

Well, Rousey/Tate 2 will be staying put, as the UFC has announced that the women's title fight will now be the co-main event of the card.

So, the current UFC 168 card looks like this:

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman
Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate

So, in addition to the massive build-up that we are going to see prior to Silva/Weidman 2, we are also going to get the build-up of Rousey and Tate coaching opposite each other on the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter. Ronda Rousey gets an unbelievable amount of attention from the mainstream media, while Silva/Weidman 2 is going to be one of the most anticipated fights in years.


It definitely appears as though the UFC is stacking this card in order to try to make a run at the UFC 100 buyrate record, and they have a very good chance of breaking it. The build-up to this card is going to be off the charts.

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