Struve Blames Fainting Episode on Panic Attack

Published on July 15th, 2014 4:44 pm EST

Stefan Struve was set to make his triumphant return to the Octagon at UFC 175 when disaster struck.

You see, Struve had been out of the UFC since March of 2013 thanks to an enlarged heart and leaking aortic valve. At the time, Struve's retirement was a very real possibility, despite the fact that he was still only in his mid 20s.

Thanks to doctor attention and medication, Struve's condition slowly improved to the point where he was allowed to return to the UFC. Struve's return fight was set to be against Matt Mitrione at UFC 175.

Unfortunately for Struve, disaster struck when he passed out shortly before the fight was set to get underway. The UFC took no chances, immediately cancelling the fight and sending Struve to the hospital to get checked out. Given Struve's past heart condition, there was no way that the UFC was going to risk Struve's health.


According to Struve's doctors, the Dutch born Heavyweight simply suffered a panic attack shortly before his fight against Mitrione. The fainting episode, they said, had nothing to do with his heart.

Struve has indicated that he wants to return to the UFC as soon as possible. UFC President Dana White hasn't made an official statement on Struve, but it appears that both sides are inching towards locking down another fight for Struve.

This is surely good news for Struve and his fans, and let's hope that everything goes well when he next steps into the Octagon. Struve is an enormously entertaining fighter who is still just 26 years of age. The UFC's Heavyweight decision would be much better off with Struve in it, especially if he is fighting at the top of his physical powers.

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